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Poem for Thursday

The Long-Term Marriage
By Spencer Reece

At last she's happy, reigning with her creams,
rubbing his scalp's roof until it gleams.
As the squamous-cell carcinomas sprout,
the local dermatologist cuts them out

or frosts the lunar surface with liquid nitrogen.
The creams come from West Fourteenth Street, Manhattan,
FedExed from their adopted son's boyfriend's home,
a relationship that remains, to them, unknown.

Their Oriental rugs are steeped in piss
from the bulldog barking like an activist.
Bickering over misplaced books, the tchotchkes
lost, and how she re-remembers her stories,

they wait with an unfinished, finished look,
and note how honeysuckle crowns Old Saybrook
and thistles overrun their last garden.
The dash between their dates is nearly done.


Not a lot of excitement around here Wednesday -- Adam had an orthodontist appointment where we were kept waiting forever, I did a bit of shopping in the mall where the orthodontist has offices (Claire's has little witch hat headbands and spiderweb earrings, hee), tried to buy us bubble tea afterward but the bubble tea stand had closed (waaah), got Adam ice cream instead and went to pick up my Imitrex since that last migraine wiped me out. I also made the happy discovery (courtesy Kat Black of the Touchstone Tarot, who pointed me toward Sarah Ovenall's Victoria Regina Tarot online but the site wasn't working) that Zach Wong had illustrated a Happy Squirrel card for his Revelations Tarot, which nigita gave me as a gift a few years back! So I printed out Happy Squirrel cards for the Tarot decks for which they're available, because Lisa Simpson and happy squirrels both make me smile. One last set of canal photos:


I loved Glee a lot this week, even though there wasn't nearly enough Sue and there was too much Rachel for my taste (the latter's a much better singer than she is an actress, and the clunker dialogue they give her doesn't help matters at all). Sandy had me howling -- wanting to do Equus, "Ever spend time in a stable?" -- and I completely adored April though I am sorry they made her so pathetic it stopped being funny. I am curious, though, with the ongoing discussions of how the school can't afford a glee club: how do they afford those set decorations and outfits? As for Eastwick, it just gets guiltier as a pleasure but I don't care because Paul Gross was in this episode even more, and I like Rebecca Romjin and she seems to get more attention or at least more substantive stories than the others. Plus Cybill Shepherd! And I love the music on that show, too ("Like a Virgin" for the win)!

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