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Poem for Thursday

Southeast of Eden
By Glyn Maxwell

Together they took the least space they could.
Entered each other deeply, to be less,
to throw one shadow only, to be still
for all the world while moving for each other.

—So space, so barely dented, might not bruise
and cry, and time come running. To this end
breaths went untaken till the only end
of that (this side of nothing): the great sigh
that gives the place away . . .
                                And out they come,
exiting one another with the kiss
to heal the bruise and be the bruise and there
they sit. The only angel in this case

came only there to point them, in their first
amazing silence, to two peaceful desks.


Another from this week's New Yorker.

I had a spectacularly uneventful Wednesday -- did a bunch of reading, worked on some job stuff, took a walk with a neighbor whom I've known for many years but only recently discovered has an amazing history (she grew up in Palestine, her mother taught Moshe Dayan, she fought in the Israeli war of independence). The county traffic lights are all screwed up because of a massive computer failure that has the lights all out of sync and I kept getting e-mails telling me that local roads were going to be clogged, so I stayed close to home.

I am depressed about a bunch of things from Election Day, but mostly I am infuriated at how the media -- even reporters who should know better -- are trying to spin two weak gubernatorial candidates as a referendum on Obama, and not even talking about the places where the Democrats made gains. Yes, the Maine vote is very disappointing, but as in California with Prop 8, it was very close and involved lots of money from a relatively small group of bigots...the numbers are shifting in the right direction even if it's not as quickly as they should.

Adam resting on the rocks on Catoctin Mountain last weekend.

Here he strikes a pose at the Hog Rock overlook...

...which I think was named for this rock, which doesn't look like a hog to me, though maybe a little.

The leaves were past peak, but there was still plenty of color...

...making the views gorgeous toward both Frederick...

... and the Blue Ridge.

There was also plenty of green on the forest floor -- thick spongy moss full of water when one stepped on it.

Here's one more of the color with the sun on the mountains.

We started to watch the World Series and yet again disliked the way it was going early on -- plus we cannot stand the Fox announcers -- so we put on the third episode of the current season of Merlin, which I liked because it had lots of Morgana, but did not like because it was lots of shrieking, sniveling Morgana instead of the one whom Uther says never ran away from anything in her life -- if only Uther were in charge of her storylines. (And if only the Druids had anything to do with, you know, Druids, but that's a whole different rant.)

It's no Witches of Eastwick, which remains my favorite show of the new season, though it still hasn't been picked up for the season (and this being ABC, I am betting they pull a Pushing Daisies and don't actually cancel it but don't pick up the back end of the season, leaving it hanging). For once I felt like all three women's storylines were balanced, and I really liked what was going on with Joanna! I hope Joanna's replacement at the paper is going to be her new crush because he is so much hotter and smarter than Will, and HE will appreciate her super awesome powers.

And I don't want ANY of them sleeping with Darryl and am hoping Roxie comes to her senses later in the next episode than the preview shows, but I particularly don't want ALL of them sleeping with Darryl so I am all in favor of other boyfriends, even undeserving ones. Or Joanna/Penny, Joanna/Kat, etc. but particularly with Roxie and Joanna -- you don't Get Over Things just because you packed away your dead husband's stuff along with your dead boyfriend's, and you need something other than a lover to make you feel better about yourself when you come out of denial about not having a job, money, boyfriend, etc. Kat could probably have good mindless strings-free sex with Darryl which I bet is why she's the one least likely to at the moment.

Still, some things I adored: Darryl's ad for the wonder water of Eastwick, the psycho music they played whenever Joanna tried telekinesis, Roxie announcing "That wasn't the curse, that was just me shoving an old man into an open grave," Cybill Shepherd plunging what look like knitting needles into Bun's back and making red ants come out, and her last line, "We're going to have to kill him again" -- ahahaha yes! How can I not love a show with five awesome women, no matter what it's based upon? "You're not alone, you've got me" -- rock on, sister.

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