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Poem for Thursday

Young Man Picking Flowers
By W.S. Merwin

All at once he is no longer
young with his handful of flowers
in the bright morning their fragrance
rising from them as though they were
still on the stalk where they opened
only this morning to the light
in which somewhere unseen the thrush
goes on singing its perfect song
into the day of the flowers
and while he stands there holding them
the cool dew runs from them onto
his hand at this hour of their lives
is it the hand of the young man
who found them only this morning


I am boring this week, but the holiday card envelopes all have address labels and return-address labels, and most of the cards have been put into said envelopes (some still need notes so they're not sealed). Plus I got a bunch of writing done and a bunch of posting done, and for me this is sufficient accomplishment for the afternoon -- tomorrow I have to do the serious work, like write a review. It was dark and rainy and chilly here today, which made it harder for Adam to work on his hikaru dorodango, so here are some photos of the gardens at National Cathedral to make things brighter:


Again I loved the music on Glee, but the characters are too immature for words...and I mean the so-called adults, not the high schoolers. Yes, I'm sure that's supposed to be part of the charm but again I'm feeling a much stronger thread of misogyny than general idiocy -- we're not supposed to think Will is vile or a moron, we're supposed to identify with his high-school-glory-days fantasies apparently, whereas Terri is either utterly stupid, utterly selfish, or utterly pathetic depending on how much one believes her version of events. I loved the mattress commercial, though I wonder how Van Halen felt when they learned that their song was intended for a fake commercial rather than a club song.

Eastwick just gets more delightful, which makes me that much more sad every week that it is not long for my television. Now there are six awesome women, and I think Eleanor may be my very favorite, though I still adore Roxie -- Joanna continues to infuriate me and when Penny isn't around I don't have a lot of use for her, but Kat is wonderful even if I can't figure out why a woman with five kids would use non-plastic placemats. And I agree with Eleanor that Jamie has a nice ass, though Eleanor herself can kidnap me and tie me up any time. The highlight of my boob toob, though, was Jon Stewart's Obama speech in movie clips -- best thing ever (yes, I watched most of it between the Maryland game and Celtic Woman last night, and no, I am not going to get started or this will turn into a long ranty political entry and I'm tired.

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