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Poem for Saturday

Tom Thomson in Stereo
By Troy Jollimore

The all-day all-night FM radio station
that broadcasts just south of his cerebellum
has switched formats. Now
it’s Greatest Misses From Your Teens and Twenties:
a looped guitar set on Repeat Repeat
overdub-echoed, greased with Frippertronics;
an anxious dream in which, again, again,
he do, he say, exactly the wrong thing,
or miss the meaningful, inviting glance,
or stand on shore as the last boat, last chance,
pass by his little island. Twist the knob,
the song remain the same. He needs anten-
nae longer than the ones he got to hear
the tune of glad heart that must somewhere play.


I spent a delightful day with ngech, who came with me to get CalTort (whose turkey chili I can eat once in a while as long as I am very, very good for the rest of the day), then came over for an afternoon of Alan Rickman and Paul Gross, including The Search for John Gissing, Dark Harbor, and two episodes of Slings & Arrows (including my very favorite scene of the series, at the start of the second season when Ellen makes Geoffrey look into her eyes and tell her he doesn't have a crush on her and things get very hot I mean degenerate from there). I was a bad hostess in that I did not vacuum and spent the last hour distracted so I could finish and post my review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "The Next Phase", but by then she had one of my cats shedding all over her anyway, hee. Here are the last of my Meadowside Nature Center photos from last weekend:


thefridayfive: iTunes Five
1. What song do you play the most?
All-time? Probably the Indigo Girls' "Closer To Fine."
2. What song do you play the least? My least favorite song of all time is Aerosmith's "Dream On," but it's not on my MP3 player -- I have no idea what song I play least on that, I play all of them!
3. What's the last song you added? Susan Boyle's "Wild Horses."
4. What's your favorite playlist? It's called "Sentimental Shit" and it's all love songs of one stripe or another (like, Amy Grant's "El Shaddai" counts as a love song, heh).
5. What kind of iPod (or MP3 player) do you have? A Sansa SanDisk.

fannish5: If you could resurrect/bring back five characters, who would they be?
I don't believe in resurrecting characters in canon -- it happens so often that death means nothing in genre fiction (and on soaps, too). However, some characters' deaths are so unconvincing that I feel no qualms about believing they never died at all...
1. Severus Snape, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
2. Xena, Xena: Warrior Princess
3. James T. Kirk, Star Trek: Generations (note: I DO NOT EVER want William Shatner to appear in Rebootrek, I just find his death far easier to reverse than Spock's was in The Wrath of Khan)
4. Lex Luthor, Smallville
5. Nimue, Merlin

We had dinner with my parents (chicken with Cumberland sauce, mmmm), came home to feed our starving cats, and watched Sanctuary which is not in reruns yet like everything else. I love Will/Helen and I don't care who knows it, so I really enjoyed this one despite a convoluted and sometimes silly plot with no resolution. I am irritated that Helen wants to keep Will around to distract her from Ashley's birthday, not just because she's jealous of his Scandinavian love interest and thinks he can do better -- like an older near-immortal but there were quotes from Star Wars and other pop culture references, and undressing, and a giant squid, and it doesn't take much to hold my interest, apparently. And we are supposed to get snow on Saturday!

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