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One Art
By Elizabeth Bishop

The art of losing isn't hard to master;
so many things seem filled with the intent
to be lost that their loss is no disaster.

Lose something every day. Accept the fluster
of lost door keys, the hour badly spent.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.

Then practice losing farther, losing faster:
places, and names, and where it was you meant
to travel. None of these will bring disaster.

I lost my mother's watch. And look! my last, or
next-to-last, of three loved houses went.
The art of losing isn't hard to master.

I lost two cities, lovely ones. And, vaster,
some realms I owned, two rivers, a continent.
I miss them, but it wasn't a disaster.

--Even losing you (the joking voice, a gesture
I love) I shan't have lied. It's evident
the art of losing's not too hard to master
though it may look like (Write it!) like disaster.


The above is the fault of karelian by way of tryllian.

Friday Five

1. If your life were a movie, what would the title be?

Sentimental Schlock

2. What songs would be on the soundtrack?
Oh, wow, the soundtrack would be continuous and endless. There would be lots of Billy Joel and disco during my junior high school years, lots of Beatles and Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals during my high school years, lots of Madonna and bad '80s music from college, lots of folk rock from grad school, disco revival from the late '90s, a brief foray into Britney and N'Sync from when my kids came home from camp demanding them, and for the past year thanks to ashinae it's mostly been October Project.

3. Would it be a live-action film or animated? Why?
Really beautifully animated, everything vaguely Pre-Raphaelite in appearance (especially my naturally curly hair *g*).

4. Casting: who would play you, members of your family, friends, etc?
I wouldn't object to Winona Ryder a la Welcome Home, Roxy Carmichael playing me when I was younger. As for now -- damn, Gilda Radner's not around. Marina Sirtis could play my mother if she lost the accent and I suppose Paul Sorvino should play my father seeing as they went to high school together. One of the women from Friends should play my sister. I've been told that Matt Damon looks like my husband, and even though I don't see it and am not attracted to Matt Damon, I guess that would give it box office appeal, huh? Keifer Sutherland would be playing his younger brother as they look very much alike. As for the rest, oh, let's just borrow the cast of Dawson's Creek. Hah! Oh, and Kate Mulgrew would be playing my freshman English prof (those of you who understand this may stop laughing whenever you wish).

5. Describe the movie preview/trailer.
Lots of travel scenes. Mary Beth's "Hold On" and Colin Hay's "Waiting For My Real Life To Begin" as the music. Sheesh this is silly!

And now I am off to prepare for lunch with perkypaduan. Later!

Rainbow near Devil's Tower, Wyoming
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