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Greetings from Meriden

I am 3/4 of the way to Boston, and spent pretty much the whole day getting organized, packing, and traveling, including lunch with dementordelta who is going to be our fangirl tour guide for the Harry Potter exhibit at the Museum of Science. The trip here took a bit longer than expected because of I-295 construction that rerouted us over the bridge to Philadelphia, so we had to drive through a bit of Pennsylvania and around Trenton to get to the New Jersey Turnpike. We packed dinner and ate it in one of the turnpike rest stops, but that was really the only excitement of the journey other than...

The sunset behind us seen from the Delaware Memorial Bridge.

Here is the bridge itself, under a darker sky since I was facing west.

The sky looked most impressive in the rear-view mirrors, since the sun was mostly to the rear of the car...

...and the pinks had mostly faded by the time we passed this industrial complex.

Here is a terrible photo of the beautiful Benjamin Franklin Bridge connecting Pennsylvania and New Jersey across the Delaware River.

And here is a stuffed snakey in the New Jersey rest stop where we had dinner -- photo by dementordelta on her mobile phone.

Both kids had mid-terms today so they were kind of quiet and doing their own thing on the drive up (meaning they were mostly deaf to us due to headphones, distracted by video games, or both). We are staying near New Haven quite close to Castle Craig, which we visited years ago with my in-laws when they lived in Hartford, but sadly it is closed until April so we can't go visit it tomorrow morning. Instead we are getting up bright and early to drive into Boston, so I am going to go crash -- have a nice weekend!

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