The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Tuesday and Endless Winter

The Fit
By Rae Armantrout

In a fit of repugnance
each moment
rips itself in half,

producing a twin.


In a coming-of-age story
each dream
produces me:

an ignorance
on the point of revelation.


I'm at a side table

in a saloon
in Alaska,

my eye on the door
where a flood of strangers
pours in.


The door or the window?

It's morning.


Nothing exciting to report here except that the small snowstorm we were supposed to get on Tuesday evening is now expected to be a major storm lasting from midday Tuesday through evening Wednesday and dropping 10-20 inches of snow on top of the snow we already have piled everywhere. My father took my kids out for pancakes, then to watch National Treasure on his big TV; apaulled was working from home, so I stayed and had lunch with him, then worked on chores until mid-afternoon, when we decided we had better visit the drugstore and food store before the next storm hit.

After spending the better part of an hour in line (and we didn't even buy toilet paper, though we couldn't have gotten fresh produce if we'd wanted to -- they were completely wiped out of lettuce, peppers, etc.) Then we went to my parents' for dinner and to retrieve the kids -- we may not see them for days, since we all may be snowed in again. Came home and watched the season finale of Heroes -- are they off till September so early? And are we positive they're getting another season, given the decline in plots ratings? I liked "Brave New World" well enough -- it had everything I consider a must-see in an episode, namely Claire-Noah bonding, Hiro-Ando bonding, and Ali Larter, though I miss people having mothers and for once can't one of the women be trying to save the world? How come everyone had to save the cheerleader and Sylar had to save Emma to save the world, but when Tracy shows up to save Noah and Claire, there's no "save the world" attached?

It's not that I should mind Sylar turning to the side of goodness and light, since Peter can't do anything right without an older brother figure looking out for him, but I can't even watch Matt's Vulcan mind meld with Sylar without having to make nasty comments about J.J. Abrams' boyfriends and cringe at the fact that Zachary Quinto can play ONE character and that's the one we're now stuck with as the most beloved character in all of science fiction as well as the disgusting mass murderer of Heroes. Really, what in this story wasn't stolen from somewhere? As soon as Hiro saw Charlie, I said to my family, "She's had a long and happy life and doesn't want to trade it in for him," not because this is an ancient and venerable time-travel story trope but because I knew it would be a straight rip-off of Doctor Who,! At least the Charlie situation is resolved, and the Samuel situation, though Robert Knepper was terrific and had chemistry with everyone and I'll miss him. Maybe he could play his own evil twin.


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