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Poem for Tuesday and Mount Vernon Scenery

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I did not have the best of mornings. I went to pick up my new progressive-lens glasses, only to put them on and find myself functionally blind -- I see much, much better without any glasses on than I did with these, both trying to read and for distance. After an hour of walking around the mall to see if I could adjust -- I could only see at all by keeping my head down and looking through the very top of the lens, which was not conducive to, you know, not tripping -- I went back and said screw this, I am not spending hundreds of dollars for glasses that leave me literally unable to see a thing. So now I have one pair of glasses for distance vision, aka driving, and I will have another pair for reading as soon as they get the lenses in. Apparently my astigmatism is not a good fit for progressive lenses. I can read better with the distance lenses than I could see anything at all with the progressive lenses, so that's that.

While I was walking around, I did a bit of shopping -- $10 turquoise shirt on sale at Sears, $16 black denim shorts on sale at Macy's -- and browsed Brighton's spring jewelry, though they don't have the little braid bead spacers they're supposed to get so I didn't buy anything. I am completely in love with this spring's clothing -- lots of crinkly blouses, lots of bright jewel-tones and primary colors. I couldn't pick up the glasses for driving till almost 2 p.m., so I had excellent Greenberry frozen yogurt with granola and a handful of the superb roasted peanuts we got in the Mount Vernon gift shop on Sunday. Speaking of Mount Vernon, here are some photos of scenery other than lambs:

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Please look away, half_elf_lost, because I am about to report that I am pleased Virginia Tech beat UConn in the NIT -- not that the NIT counts for anything, since, as I told my in-laws, if Connecticut had won then it would make them the 66th best team in the U.S. We spent the evening watching the last two episodes of Eastwick, the ones that aired in England but not the U.S., which were delightful and very frustrating at the same time -- they opened up a bunch of storylines that are obviously never going to get concluded and ended on a gigantic cliffhanger, but I was so happy to see Paul Gross and Rebecca Romjin again that the good aspects far outweigh the aggravation. And Kat has some really awesome stuff in these final installments.

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