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Poem for Saturday, Longwood Gardens & 'Face of the Enemy'

Now This
By Rae Armantrout

Thus the palm is rakish

and the philodendron

Only using such rare words
will justify

my writing this,

my writing "my"
or now



It wasn't the most exciting of Fridays -- I wrote a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Face of the Enemy and did some other work, mostly cleaning up stuff online (particularly on MySpace, where a bunch of people have friended me recently though I pretty much just import tweets there and do most of my real interaction on Facebook). It was another gorgeous warm day, though a storm front blew through in the late afternoon and we're supposed to have a big temperature drop for the weekend, which is fine with me; I'm not ready for summer yet. One of the things I found in my online wanderings was this post (originally on LiveJournal with fannish stuff, later imported and cleaned up for Blogger) in which I mused on the fact that my kids might never be in school together again and that ninth grade was a million years away for my second grader. He'll be in ninth grade next year, and at a different high school from his older brother, as we knew in 2004 might be the case. But reading that -- which I showed both sons, who were unimpressed -- wow, I feel old.

thefridayfive: Cartoons
1. What was your favorite cartoon as a child?
I was not allowed to watch cartoons as a child, since my mother believed they encouraged violence. I didn't get a proper introduction to Looney Toons until college. So I guess I must say Peanuts since those were the only ones I really saw.
2. Do you read comic books? Why or why not? Very occasionally. None of the big series have ever held my interest (and I worked for a comic book company for four years so it's not like I lacked exposure).
3. Have you read a book and thought it should be turned into a movie? If so, which book? Just about every good book I've read, I've wanted to see as a movie with specific actors and directors. For just one example, I'm still waiting for someone to film The Black Chalice, though I'm guessing Sean Bean is too old by now to get the role I wanted to see him play.
4. Do you watch cartoons now if you are a teenager/adult? More now than I did as a child. I watch The Simpsons with my kids all the time, and cidercupcakes introduced me to the joys of Futurama and Avatar: The Last Airbender.
5. What is your favorite quote from a television show? "Space...the final frontier."

fannish5: Name 5 characters you like but that you wouldn't hire to work with you.
1. Denny Crane
, Boston Legal (the business would never survive).
2. Lucille Bluth, Arrested Development (she'd take over the company).
3. Lucius Malfoy, Harry Potter (as if he'd need a job, anyway).
4. Ray Kowalski, Due South (partnership issues).
5. The Doctor, Doctor Who (would either run everyone ragged or disappear).

We had dinner with my parents (Lebanese Taverna hummus, babaganoush, and fatayer among other things, yay), then came home for Smallville, which in addition to having the most attractive cast on television also gave me a flashback to 2004 -- a joyous one, in that this was the gayest episode aired since then, including Clark's personal reminiscences about Lex which just made me so happy...he was under the influence of red kryptonite (the first time that happened he dressed as a bad boy and Lex couldn't take his eyes off him), so since red kryptonite brings out his real desires, of course he went promptly to Zod for some Kryptonian bonding. And Zod said, "You must have had a friend you were opposite sides of the same soul." And Clark said, "Yeah, once, a long time ago." Epic squee! And it's not all me: when Chloe and Tess teamed up to find the bad boys, the line was, "What I don't know is why the sudden bromance." It is also always a delight to see Brian Austin Green, whom I think of as Derek Reese from The Sarah Connor Chronicles, playing a Terminator -- he and Lois have very nice chemistry and I'm saying this even as a Lois and Clark fan. And the ending, with Zod playing Vampire Jesus while Clark unleashes his inner interior decorator with Chloe, was fabulous.

Here are some more photos from Longwood Gardens' conservatory. Younger son, who has started blogging and posting his photos, seems to think that it is cheating for me to post photos I took on a single day over the course of many days, but I assume no one really wants to see 40 photos at once and anyway I have some arranged by theme, like the Wizard of Oz decorations from the conservatory in Baltimore that I haven't posted yet. These have no particular theme but the stained glass parrots were a gift to Pierre Du Pont from one of his sisters and hung here in the 1920s.


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