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Poem for Monday and Celebrating Wheaton

A Prelude
By Richard Wilbur

Matthew Arnold, looking over
The Channel from the cliffs of Dover,
Scanned with his telescope almost
The whole French coast
As far as Étretat,
And was upon the point of saying "Ah,"
When he perceived, not far from the great Aiguille,
A lobster led on a leash beside the sea.
It was Nerval, enjoying his vacances!
Alas for gravitas! Hélas for France!
Having of late been panicky
About culture and anarchy,
Arnold now left in a hurry,
Foreseeing a night of worry.


It was a drizzly and uneventful Sunday around here. Both kids had homework -- Daniel on a graphic design final project his teacher gave him an extension to finish, Adam on a group science project for which he and his friends made an infomercial which Windows Media Maker is now giving him trouble editing. Our trip out was for shopping chores -- we went to Pangea Vegan Store for vegetarian marshmallows, to Petco for cat treats, to Michael's for origami paper for Adam's math project, to Trader Joe's for hummus, pita, nuts and crackers, to Giant for cereal, soap and various other boring things. Here are some photos of Taste of Wheaton and Daniel's robotics team presentation from last weekend, since I have only family photos from this weekend:


For some reason we were talking about toads this morning, which led Adam to say he wanted toad in a hole, which we all agreed was an excellent idea so we had that made with veggie sausage for dinner. Then we watched The Tudors, which wasn't one of my favorites -- too much war preparation and siege, not enough Joely Richardson cementing the Reformation at court. Then we put on the last hour of the Lost finale, which made very little sense since we'd only seen a single episode of the first season (it had polar bears, that was all we really remembered); that said, we all knew pretty quickly how it was going to end. And even knowing, it was MUCH less stupid than the BSG finale. We watched the whole first season of 24; should we watch the series finale and see if it's as misogynistic as that season's finale was?

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