The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

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Still have no power, as is the case for tens of thousands in the region. Got some novel experiences today -- showered by candlelight, watched an old oak tree being cut down before it could fall on a neighbor's house -- but although it was thankfully not too hot in the morning when I walked through the neighborhood to see how the cleanup was coming, the novelty of being without power, AC and internet is really gone. I took the kids to Panera for lunch in search of wi-fi but though we got lucky and got a table with an outlet, the wi-fi was really too slow to use. We did have quality family bonding time at least playing Uno and Yahtzee when not out walking in the woods. We ate the stuff we bought yesterday and dumped in the cooler for dinner since we'll have to throw out everything in the fridge/freezer, then went to Target, Dick's, etc. in search of lantern mantles, propane, and assorted necessities. Again I must go save phone power. Some neighbors are sleeping in a tent in the parking lot. I'd really love my power back!

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