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Lyrics for Saturday and Final Fantasy's Distant Worlds

Tsuki no Akari (Light of the Moon)
By Nobuo Uematsu

I muttered your name
Inside my heart
Although my feelings
Won't reach you there

Now it's distant
That beloved face
Floats in this night sky
Even with my eyes closed

Those pleasant days
When we laughed together
Are still now warm in my heart

The light of the moon
Glows in the blue night
As though bringing to light
The radiance of those days

Not even able
To wipe away your tears
These two hands of mine
Can only tremble here

Now I am alone
On an unending journey
I do nothing but wander
On these weary feet

The glow we encountered
That day we spent together
Is still now warm in my hands

The light of the moon
Simply shines on silently
As though stirring up
This rusted heart


From Final Fantasy IV. A friend sent me these lyrics but I have no idea who translated them from Japanese. I think you can find the originals at The Opera House.

Quickie because I didn't get home till after 11 p.m. from Distant Worlds: Music from 'Final Fantasy' played by the National Symphony Orchestra at Wolf Trap. We took the kids as a surprise...well, actually we mostly took Daniel as a surprise since he's the one who plays Final Fantasy. Adam complained about being dragged to a lame concert before he even knew what it was, and when he found out, he pronounced all of us n00bs, though he later acknowledged that the concert, and I quote, "didn't actually suck." We had seats inside the Filene Center but the bigger crowd was on the lawn, along with the bigger screen showing visuals from FF (the early ones with 8-bit graphics were pretty hilarious, while the never-before-shown clips from FFXIV looked fantastic). I am not a gamer and know the characters and music only in tiny bits from my kids, so I cannot comment intelligently on the adaptation, but only note that the music was quite lovely, particularly "Zanarkand" (which also had gorgeous graphic accompaniment) and "Vamo' alla Flamenco." The Chocobo evolution sequence was great, too.

The mascot of Wolf Trap greets concertgoers and while volunteers direct them to information, souvenirs, etc.

My family awaits the concert. Adam is wearing his "my parents are n00bs" expression.

Many visitors came in costume, some as subtle as a tail, others as elaborate as full armor with an enormous (though presumably styrofoam) sword.

The front of the Filene Center was outfitted with a screen... that concertgoers on the lawn could see the video. It was an absolutely gorgeous, low-humidity, relatively cool evening.

The screen on the stage wasn't quite as large but the visuals looked great.

Absolutely no photos were permitted during the concert while video was being shown. I snuck this one during a break.

Otherwise, my day was less eventful -- writing a review of Star Trek: The Next Generation's "Interface", stopping by Tiara Galleries' Vera Bradley and Brighton sale before all the good 70% off items were gone, having dinner with my parents, doing various chores. Daniel was ambivalent about the fact that he was not heading to Otakon where many of his friends from school are spending the weekend, so he consoled himself with chatting via computer and Shin Megami Tensei; Adam went to the pool and hiking by the creek in search of local wildlife, plus working on fractals and the audio for his Life in a Day video. On Saturday I am having lunch and going downtown with a longtime friend from Trek fandom, yay!

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