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Lyrics for Monday and Weekend Catch-Up

In the Creases
By Alex Wong and Amber Rubarth

You're the smell of the toast that you made in the mornings.
You're the page in my book that I keep to myself.
You're the unlocking sound when I turn my door key.
You're the scar that I have from the time that I fell.

I can't describe the faces
I can't recall the names
But you remain...

I keep you in the creases,
I hide you in the folds,
Protect you from the sunlight,
Shield you from the cold.
Everybody said they were glad to see you go
But no one ever has to know

You're the part of the moon that blends into the blackness
Even though we know it's really still there.
You're the song that I sing that I don't need to practice.
You're the green shirt I keep though it's too small to wear.

I can't describe the faces.
I can't recall the names.
But you remain...

I keep you in the creases,
I hide you in the folds,
Protect you from the sunlight,
Shield you from the cold.
Everybody said they were glad to see you go.
But no one ever has to know

the things that I refuse to see
And all the nights I still can't sleep
I curl up in the sheets
Between the creases where you used to be.

Once love wakes it never sleeps…
Even when you love a dream…

I keep you in the creases,
I hide you in the folds,
Protect you from the sunlight,
Shield you from the cold.


We had a relatively quiet Sunday to catch up from a relatively busy Saturday and several days of travel before. Daniel went to work with vertigo66's husband on his summer project while the rest of us went out to Petco, Michael's, Staples, the food store, and exciting places like that. Staples was absolutely mobbed with people buying school supplies, and Michael's already has Halloween decorations in stock! We couldn't find a three-inch three-ring binder for Adam at Staples, so after we picked up Daniel, we went to Home Depot to get some items he needs for the project and went next door to Office Depot to get the binder, though there were lines just as long there. I'd intended to get more done in the evening but I went with Adam to visit the baby bird, who was staying for the evening with his friend Daniel, and I ended up chatting with Daniel's parents for a while and taking photos of the bird, so I am still behind on laundry and stuff!

Saturday was a more eventful day. After lunch, we took the same friend and our kids to the Montgomery County Agricultural Fair. We went first to the pig races (which also include duck and goat races) -- always entertaining, though we couldn't help noticing that the North Carolina farmer stereotype who emcees the event and always asks for volunteer cheerleaders did not pick a single person of color, though this county is very diverse and there were plenty of non-white children waving their arms. Son has been a big fan of sheep since we stayed on a farm in Durham, England, so we went to the sheep and goat barns, the poultry barn which always has incubating eggs and chicks, the rabbit barn where there are usually rabbits to pet, the pig and cow barns, and the barn that houses more exotic animals like llamas and miniature ponies. Then we went to the rides, where I went on the swings that soar up above the fairground and have fabulous views, though I was a wimp compared to Adam who went on all the crazy upside-down rides. We also had ice cream and shared fried dough.

After 5 p.m. we came home, cleaned up, ate a quick dinner (peanut soup from a mix we got at Monticello), and went to Montgomery College's Silver Spring Performing Arts Center to see Vienna Teng, who is just finishing a tour with Alex Wong and opening act Joey Ryan before she heads to business school, which makes me sad because I'm afraid she'll be making a lot less music. IMT sponsored the performance and they did a phenomenal concert -- mostly music from Inland Territory and the live album The Moment Always Vanishing, meaning Alex performed The Paper Raincoat's "In the Creases" and sang the harmony on "Antebellum" while Joey (who is very funny and less angsty in his outlook) backed them up on a couple of songs. They had the audience jangle keys, whistle, clap, and sing along, and although the place was absolutely packed, it felt reasonably intimate. sansets was sitting in front of me, and although we had never met before, I introduced myself when I saw her con.txt button!

An hours-old chick at the Montgomery County Fair sits among still-hatching eggs.

Two bunnies await their new owners after being purchased following the rabbit show.

Adam, his friend Daniel, and another boy ride the Cliff-Hanger, a hang-gliding ride on the Midway.

Adam was the only one of us who rode the Freakout. Here he is upside down with the others on the ride.

Vienna Teng played to a full house at the IMT concert at Montgomery College's new performing arts center.

Joey Ryan sang harmonies with her and Alex Wong on "In the Creases" and "Homecoming."

Vienna has been learning to play the guitar, and she and Alex covered Death Cab For Cutie's "I Will Follow You Into the Dark."

Adam feeds the baby birdie -- who is still refusing to feed himself though he can fly much better -- while both visit his friend.

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