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Poem for Tuesday and South Mountain Treasures

Raven's Last Dream
By Red Hawk

Raven was in a deep sleep,
dreaming the world. He saw things
and they happened, He dreamed things
and they came to life. He hardly knew
where to begin or what to do

once the world was. At last He understood
Fodder's dilemma. It troubled Him,
made Him restless, disturbed His sleep.
Then the terrible thing happened:
He had a thought.

Everything dream? He wonder.
Then the worst thing happened:
He had another thought, one thought
following the other.
Who dreaming Raven? He wonder and

this woke Him up.
He looked up, He looked down, He
looked all around.
Don't know, He say and
He couldn't get back to sleep.


A poem with my search keyword from yesterday -- "dream" -- and my keyword from today -- "raven." I love what turns up when I pick a word from my entry and go see what poetry I can find using it.

I had a fairly successful Monday -- had lunch with gblvr, shopped a bit ($100 Chico's fall dress more than 70% off) and tried on blue eyeshadow, then came home and folded four loads of laundry while watching a bad movie (all right, it was Dear John, whose only virtues are a pretty soundtrack and pretty shots of Carolina beaches; Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried are both okay, but the script is so trite that they can't do a thing to save it, and the twist is so contrived, and projected for so much of the movie, that it's impossible to feel much for them after it (I did not read the book, in fact I have never read a Nicholas Sparks novel, but I really hadn't thought it could be more banal than the ending of the film of Message in a Bottle, and I was wrong).

In other exciting news, I got some photos of the deer family that my family keeps seeing while walking or jogging on the path through the woods around the neighborhood -- will post later in the week -- while enjoying a lovely warm day, recolored my roots, had fresh corn with veggie hot dogs for dinner, watched some Monty Python with the kids (Johann Gambolputty de von Ausfern, the blancmange of Wimbledon), and turned that off in time to see the Ravens beat the Jets by a margin even more narrow than the margin by which the Redskins beat Dallas last night. In our distraction during the Chargers-Chiefs game, we forgot to watch The Daily Show, but now Colbert is explaining why we don't want to eat Cocoa Krispies and all is well.

A three-day-old calf at South Mountain Creamery last weekend.

This one was a couple of weeks older, but still willing to eat my shirt.

Adam deemed this the Chicken of Doom because its beak is so long.

The chickens like to swipe feed from the older calves.

There are always cats around the creamery as well, like this one enjoying the sun.

Butter mold wall plaques for sale at Boonsboro Days.

Skip's Gristmill actually brought a small mill along to grind flour at the fair.

And the Tri-State Astronomers had telescopes set up so we could look at solar prominences and sunspots.

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