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Poem for Wednesday and Huntley Meadows Wetlands

Late Autumn Wasp
By James Hoch

One must admire the desperate way
                    it flings
itself through air amid winter’s slow

and clings to shriveled fruit, dropped
                    Coke bottle,
any sugary residue, any unctuous

and slug-drunk grows stiff, its joints
wings stale and oar-still, like a heart;
                    yes, almost

too easily like a heart the way, cudgeled,
                    it lies
waiting for shift of season, light, a thing
                    to drink down,

gnaw on, or, failing that, leaves half of
                    itself torn
willingly, ever-quivering, in some
                    larger figure.


Rain and leaves fell all through the day, and I watched them through my windows -- it was very gray and gloomy but there are still lots of red-orange trees around, which made a really nice dramatic contrast with the sky. I only went out to take Adam to tennis; the rest of the day was writing, doing chores, and watching The Men Who Stare At Goats while folding laundry since dementordelta told me yesterday that the movie is filled with Star Wars jokes and there are not mindless scenes of goat slaughter. (There are Star Trek jokes and Lord of the Rings jokes too -- one character is asked to think of himself as a hobbit who's never left the Shire -- but having Ewan McGregor repeatedly announce that he doesn't want to be a Jedi never stops being funny.

I can't believe I forgot to squee loudly about this yesterday, but dementordelta also got us tickets to see Alan Rickman, Lindsay Duncan, and Fiona Shaw in John Gabriel Borkman at the Brooklyn Academy of Music next January! And tickets to the Artist Talk with the actors, too! Speaking of British celebrities, Prince William has blown his chance to marry me, just as his Uncle Andrew did a generation before. Since I know Kate's parents own a party mail-order business, I think they should have a Harry Potter theme wedding with Gryffindor tablecloths and a Goblet of Fire punch bowl, and everyone should get little white stuffed owls to take home as souvenirs. Speaking of animals, we watched the "Behind the Scenes" episode of National Geographic's Great Migrations, which is stunning, but I hate watching animals kill and eat each other.

I am sure I have mentioned that I am not a Gwyneth Paltrow fan, and she's ridiculously overexposed at the moment, but I actually enjoyed her on Glee a lot -- doing a sultry version of "Conjunction Junction" to teach English is just an awesome idea. And I liked her songs with the students, though if Rachel gets one more solo or duet with a big-name guest star while Mercedes, Santana, Tina, etc. get ignored, I will write a letter to the producers -- do they think that by having Kurt fit many gay stereotypes and having people of color perform in the background, they're being representative? The only thing I care about less than Rachel's ego is Will's love life, so the best thing I can say about Gwyneth on Glee is that at least she didn't fall for him. Some more Huntley Meadows photos from Sunday:


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