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Poem for Thursday and Year of the Rabbit

Cradle Song
By William Blake

Sleep, sleep, beauty bright,
Dreaming in the joys of night;
Sleep, sleep; in thy sleep
Little sorrows sit and weep.

Sweet babe, in thy face
Soft desires I can trace,
Secret joys and secret smiles,
Little pretty infant wiles.

As thy softest limbs I feel
Smiles as of the morning steal
O'er thy cheek, and o'er thy breast
Where thy little heart doth rest.

O the cunning wiles that creep
In thy little heart asleep!
When thy little heart doth wake,
Then the dreadful night shall break.


My day was not terribly interesting until late afternoon, when I went for a walk, then went out to dinner with the always-delightful gblvr. I wasn't feeling up to Indian, so I had an egg-and-cheddar crepe, then we split a Crunchie because the candy store in the mall has imported Cadbury and walked around. I bought most of my Valentine's, so that's one task for the week accomplished.

Then I came home in lightly falling snow, and in between organizing various things with Daniel -- who has the presentation for his senior project tomorrow -- we watched The Last Legion. There's no possible way that I can argue this is a good movie, despite a really good cast -- many scenes look ripped off directly from The Lord of the Rings, particularly climbing Caradhras, excuse me, the Alps, and fighting at Helm's Deep, excuse me, Hadrian's Wall, but Colin Firth looks awesome in armor, and though the romance is completely formulaic and we don't even get any hot onscreen lovemaking between two of the sexiest people alive, Aishwarya Rai playing Xena makes up for a huge amount, even if she can't get along with Doctor Bashir.

Before the week is over, I should post a few more (blurry) photos from the Chinese New Year celebration at another local mall last weekend:


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