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Poem for Wednesday and Potomac Overlook Park

It Will Not Change
By Sara Teasdale

It will not change now
After so many years;
Life has not broken it
With parting or tears;
Death will not alter it,
It will live on
In all my songs for you
When I am gone.


I had a request for more Sara Teasdale, which is lovely because I was totally in the mood for her.

I spent Tuesday catching up from Monday, which was fine -- article started but not finished, laundry all washed but not folded, e-mail about half-answered, LJ and Facebook basically untouched. Adam had tennis, which was lovely for me because it is finally light enough in the late afternoon for me to walk in the woods while he's playing -- there's still some snow in Cabin John Park and quite a bit of mud, but it smells like thaw and there were deer tracks everywhere. We all watched Glee after dinner (ravioli with pumpkin sauce since we were out of tomato sauce, for which I am hugely grateful) -- it was sort of sweet seeing Jane Lynch looking like Jane Lynch, though I missed Sue Sylvester, but just when I was thinking that it was worth all the Bieber just because it was such a relief not to have an episode without Finn&Rachel dominating all the songs, we got...Finn & Rachel UGH when can Santana or Tina have a nice big chunk of the singing!

Everyone told me that if I really loved Colin Firth, I had to watch Nanny McPhee, even though I do NOT always love Emma Thompson (it's like 20-80 really and the 20 has usually involved Alan Rickman) and even though I'd have bet money that I could predict every single thing in the movie. This was true -- I liked seeing Boardwalk Empire's Kelly Macdonald and Colin was adorable, but the women's roles are more stereotypical than retro, and I kept thinking, "THIS is what Emma thought was more valuable and important than Harry Potter?" I thought she had, like, feminist objections to HP, which I'd have understood, but Rowling is an epic feminist compared to this. Ah well, the kids are cute, the evil stepmother's Lilly Pulitzer on acid wedding dress (with matching sheep) is awesome, and Colin's turn as Nanny McPhee in the deleted scenes will be my fondest memory! Adam HATED the movie, which put me in the amusing position of defending it at times.

Here as promised are photos from Potomac Overlook Park over the weekend.

This box turtle lives upstairs near the entrance.

There was a copperhead, representing the region's one poisonous species of snake... well as more benign snakes.

There were bird feeders with chickadees and titmouses outside the main windows...

...and disabled raptors in large cages out back.

And there are stuffed examples of local birds and rodents from the park... ducks and geese that live in the water there.

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