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Poem for Friday, Tarantulas, Nikita

Dear, Why Should You Command Me To My Rest
By Michael Drayton

Dear, why should you command me to my rest,
When now the night doth summon all to sleep?
Methinks this time becometh lovers best:
Night was ordained together friends to keep.
How happy are all other living things,
Which though the day disjoin by several flight,
The quiet Evening yet together brings,
And each returns unto his love at night!
O thou that art so courteous unto all,
Why shouldst thou, Night, abuse me only thus,
That every creature to his kind dost call,
And yet 'tis thou dost only sever us?
Well could I wish it would be ever day,
If, when night comes, you bid me go away.


I don't have a lot of excitement to report from my Thursday, other than some work got done and some kind of flying stinging insects (I don't think they're bees) have apparently made a nest in our hollow wind chimes on the deck. I learned this when Adam went out looking for insects to photograph with his new macro adapter; he had some problems with lighting and focus, but I have confidence in his ability to work these out, since he's worked out pretty much everything from books and web tutorials. One of his photos has been chosen for a Congressional art competition for high school students, and on Monday, he gets to go see his work on display and pick up a certificate from our congressman. Daniel is still in North Carolina at the robotics competition, where his team apparently had some problems today because they left a part back in Maryland, though it sounds like he's having a good time, anyway.

The weather was magnificent here, barely 70 degrees and breezy, perfect day to be in the woods, though I share everyone's stress about the earthquake in Japan and the impending government shutdown which is going to affect a lot of people I know (most of them won't be furloughed -- they do essential jobs -- but they won't get paid when they're supposed to, it's insane). We watched the new episode of Nikita -- can I just come out and confess that I like this Michael better than I ever liked Roy Dupuis' Michael, and I've loved Maggie Q from the start, now if only Melinda Clarke's Amanda could hold a candle to Alberta Watson's Madeline, this might actually be a reboot that worked for me on every level -- then we watched the 1931 Frankenstein since we wanted to record it off cable, and it was as over the top as I remembered.

Whenever I post photos of spiders, I get complaints if I don't warn that there will be spiders (though they're always tagged). So please take heed: after the first photo from the entrance of the exhibit at the Delaware Museum of Natural History, the remaining photos are of live tarantulas there. I love them, but don't click if you are afraid of photos of spiders!


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