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Poem for Saturday, Great Falls, Yesteryear

At Shark Reef Sanctuary
By Eva Alice Counsell

Only seagulls surround us
on their parameter of hunger,
and seals
who in their soft-body swim
roll onto the rocks
to stretch their skin
to infinite edges.
They lie about
like sleeping infants.
If there are sharks
they swim beneath sight.
The water
slides by undisturbed
and the cold sun slips
through a seam in the clouds.
Persistent wind
like a child's wailing
cramps our fingers
intertwined like nest twigs.
The picnic, pocketed into parts,
will wait.
We will be as those seals,
full-fat on ocean air
and lying
beneath the cloud shift
until the tidemark
measures the horizon
and our huddled bodies
take the shape of stones.


I had stuff I was supposed to get done Friday, and I had a stuff that could have been put off but which my brain actually wanted to be working on. So I went with the inspiration and did not do practical things like moving my winter clothes to the back of my closet and my summer clothes to the front, but hey, it's supposed to be rainy and dismal on Saturday anyway. I did manage to post my review of the Star Trek: The Animated Series (hereafter always ST:TAS) episode "Yesteryear", and I took a walk in the woods because I just can't resist gorgeous spring trees. Daniel got into the College Park Scholars Science, Technology and Society honors program at the University of Maryland, which is another factor in Maryland's favor in terms of college decisions.

We had dinner with my parents -- my mom gave me the Clinique bags that I almost bought gratuitous moisturizer yesterday just to get as a freebie, yay -- and came home for the return of Smallville, which I loved despite the absence of Oliver and Lionel because I am always happy to see Jonathan Kent, though I wish Tess had had more of a spine. How come whenever they take a woman who was initially an antagonist and make her a good guy, they also make her a pushover? We had to choose between Sanctuary and Camelot at 10 and Sanctuary won -- I never remember what happened from season to season on the show and I feel like there have been logical inconsistencies, but I love Helen and Polly Walker was back as a guest star, which is really all I need.

fannish5: Name your 5 favorite fictional marriages.
1. Will Riker and Deanna Troi
, Star Trek: The Next Generation
2. Steven and Samantha Bloom, Undercovers
3. Thursday Next and Landon Parke-Laine, Jasper Fforde's books
4. Meg Murry and Calvin O'Keeffe, Madeleine L'Engle's books
5. Denny Crane and Alan Shore, Boston Legal

Here are some photos from Great Falls, Virginia:


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