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A Boatload of 'King's Speech' Links

...that I am just putting here so I don't lose them.

Clearly the caption on this should be Colin's quote from the Golden Globes: "I just took a ride on his talent."

USA Today:
[Lionel and Bertie's] initial protocol-provoked standoff eventually dissolves into heartfelt admiration and elevates what could have been simply two men talking in a shabby office into something of a triumphant valentine. In fact, says Speech director Tom Hooper, who has joined his two leads for what is supposed to be a three-way interview, "Helena Bonham Carter (who plays Bertie's wife, aka the Queen Mum and mother of Elizabeth II) just sent a text: 'Send my love to the two lovers.'"

Apparently, their closeness continued after the cameras stopped. Firth, 50, confesses to being in mourning after Rush, 59, whose scenes were shot first so he could run off to another commitment, left him in the lurch. "Yes, Geoffrey had to go do some meaningless play, which is his true calling," he says. Even Bonham Carter could not console him. "Helena, who I adore, was constantly going, 'Well, I'm not Geoffrey.'" "He had terrible Rush withdrawal symptoms," adds an amused Rush, whose brief time spent with Firth while they promoted 1998's Shakespeare in Love might now qualify as foreplay.

The Oscar winner for 1996's Shine, a native Aussie like his character, was most delighted by the scene when the monarchs pay a visit to Logue's humble home after a misunderstanding causes a rift between the two men. "What fascinates me about this story," Rush says, "is that you have the most unlikely meeting of two people, an imperial figure and a colonial nobody. And they find common ground. We started calling it a bromance about halfway through."

It dawned on Firth that it was a situation not unlike those in the third acts of most of the romantic comedies he has done. "This is the moment where, after the fight and the refusal to acknowledge that the relationship will ever go on again, the boyfriend comes to the house and says a line that is very reminiscent of what happened in the beginning of the romance," he says, clearly citing from the Bridget Jones playbook.

TIFF Press Conference:
Colin: I think it's slightly love at first sight quite frankly.
Geoffrey: He actually leaned over to me last night at the climax of the film [after the 'Thank you, my friend'/'Thank you, Your Majesty' exchange] and said, "We should have kissed."
Colin: Had Helena Bonham Carter not entered the room...
David Seidler: I didn't realize I was writing Brokeback Mountain in the Palace.
Colin: Well...get used to it.

Bitchflicks Review: "Rarely have I seen such exploration, such daring vulnerability in the portrayal of male relations on the contemporary western cinematic screen. Perhaps being the King of an Empire allows for this intimacy, because regardless of how vulnerable Bertie reveals himself to be, he still is painfully evident that he rarely, if ever, had a truly intimate relationship with another man. His father nit-picked and neglected him, his older brother demeans him with ferocious skill, and a stuttering would-be King is born. The awards Colin Firth is racking up for his portrayal of Bertie surely have to do with his ability to embody the process by which a rock of defenses sincerely and helplessly cracks open."

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Haaretz: The king's most famous balcony scene does not appear in the film: On September 30, 1938, he invited Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain onto the balcony of his palace.

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L.A. Times on the movie's success in small markets

Bill Maher: New Rule: Colin Firth has to admit that he's not a human being, but a robot designed by women as the perfect man. He's handsome, charming, witty; he's got that accent, and a gay best friend. The only way he could be any better is if he ejaculated Haagen Dazs.

Mirror What did you make of the chemistry between Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth?
Helena Bonham Carter: I actually had to warn them at some point that they were in danger of turning into cannibals and eating each other.

And this is just here because I love the photo.

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