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Poem for Friday, Sheep and Wool, Nikita

6th separation meditation
By David Antin

it appears whole
it has been
thought of
as good
not reasoned out
he uses
he is bound
to a state
he has recognized
even if the description is a delusion
it is worth while to speak of logic
it depends on knowledge
to translate it
suggests conflict
which is
in the word
it would seem
the more formal
the meaning seems to be
the more
from the center of your being
that feeling
that nothing
either for me or my friend
the conjecture
this meaning
or material
is applied at the end
as the element
of commanding value
in contrast with joy
which is not of its essence
it is sometimes
something specially concerned
in conduct
the true interest
the interest of true self
is mad
in this state
he is confronted by the rich
if you take a low view of politics
you will degrade yourself
see how things are going in the capital!
the senator
the soul's moral equipment
is imperfect
the point seems to be
this indignity
the educated man
is untrained
to complete the sense
the managers
the schools
taking cognizance of things
the community
its limitations
its hard circumstances
the insolence of the rich
all acts are appropriate
to the circumstances


Advice for friends with sons in high school: do not let them wait till the last minute to rent a tux for the prom. Not only is there a surcharge to get it ready in time, but dozens of other high school boys will be there as well, either picking up tuxes or getting them altered or getting measured and going through catalogues to choose tuxes for other schools whose proms are a couple of weekends hence.

Daniel's pre-prom insanity at least did not ruin my dinner plans with gblvr, just forced a relocation to the mall which has a Men's Wearhouse downstairs; she and I went to a couple of cosmetic and jewelry stores before the rest of my family arrived, then she had her ear talked off by older son about school and politics while she ate Indian food, Adam and I split cheese and chocolate crepes, and Paul and Daniel had Sbarro.

The Nikita season finale clinched the shift of my loyalty from La Femme Nikita to the new incarnation. Everyone here knows how much I adored Peta Wilson, Eugene Robert Glaser, and Alberta Watson, and everyone here knows of my inarticulate rage about how that series ended. I've thought many of the storylines on the new series have been better, but I have that lingering loyalty to Madeline and doubts about Amanda on the new show. So imagine the intensity of my delight to have Alberta Watson show up! And Amanda reveal her own agenda! And Alex come into her own! And Michael and Nikita ride off together! Joy!

Here are a few more photos from the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival last weekend:


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