The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
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Poem for Thursday and Droid Incredible

A Primer of the Daily Round
By Howard Nemerov

A peels an apple, while B kneels to God,
C telephones to D, who has a hand
On E’s knee, F coughs, G turns up the sod
For H’s grave, I do not understand
But J is bringing one clay pigeon down
While K brings down a nightstick on L’s head,
And M takes mustard, N drives to town,
O goes to bed with P, and Q drops dead,
R lies to S, but happens to be heard
By T, who tells U not to fire V
For having to give W the word
That X is now deceiving Y with Z,
     Who happens, just now to remember A
     Peeling an apple somewhere far away.


My new Droid Incredible 2 was delivered today! As were the Droid Incredible 2s for the rest of the family (we each got one -- the kids had outgrown their Virgin Mobile cheap pay-as-you-go phones, Paul was frustrated with the limitations of his work Blackberry, and his company had a discount deal with Verizon). I spent pretty much the whole day figuring out how to use it and adding apps to back up SMS messages and manage programs and edit photos -- I am very open to suggestions for Droid programs people find invaluable (I haven't even tried the word processor that comes with the phone and I only played one song to make sure the player worked).

I did fold laundry and watch a bit of Police Squad with Daniel, but I was distracted, and I am still trying to figure out things like whether to turn wireless off out of the house and how that affects the battery life. Here are the first two photos I took with the phone -- the first in my living room while the kids were researching software, the last at Best Buy where we went to get screen protectors after dinner, though I'll put the sunset up first since it's scenic despite lacking two boys and a cat:


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