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Poem for Friday and Aquarium Reptiles

Tom Thomson in his office, Thursday afternoon
By By Troy Jollimore

Fills out grant applications. Honestly.
Although they asked him not to. That's, you know,
against the rules. Is honesty, that is.
And knows he therefore will not one red cent
get from them this year. Nor desires he to.
Rejection is his muse. He thrives on it!
(Who else can say they thrive on anything?)
These days, that is. (His father's phrase.) But he's
more strong than they by far: For he can smile
and hoist a planet onto shoulder, he
can laugh at pain (and knows more pain than they)
more pain, more love, more lust, more everything!
He is made stronger what does not kill him.

And what does kill him, make him stronger still.


I spent a lot of Thursday playing around with my Droid Incredible 2 (which eats its battery when WiFi is turned on even at home where it doesn't have to search for a network because it's always connected, and whose Kindle app doesn't seem to open .mobi files saved on the phone, only books downloaded from The rest of the time, I had a long-delayed lunch with vertigo66 -- both our families having had medical issues every time we had plans, culminating last week with Daniel breaking his arm, and today I had to subject her to him at lunch since he didn't want to be abandoned in the house while I had Tara Thai without him. He talked her ear off about various technological things but I had a good time anyway so I am hoping she did too!

It was gorgeous out -- after the early part of the week, low 80s suddenly feels cool and comfortable -- and we made a couple of stops on the way home, the principal one to get sandals for Daniel so he can stop wearing his too-small flip-flops yet not have to try to tie sneaker laces while wearing a cast. Adam (who got an A on his Chinese oral final exam) came home and helped me look at photo editing and organization apps, though I still haven't bought one -- suggestions still welcome. I had to watch "The Magicks of Megas-tu" to review and may have destroyed any chance that Adam will ever take Star Trek seriously, then we watched Monty Python's Live at the Hollywood Bowl which was actually much less ridiculous (and I've seen it many more times than bad animated Trek). Here are a few reptiles from the National Aquarium last weekend:


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