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Poem for Tuesday and Geese in the Sun

Red Bank
By Lesle Lewis

I wanted a horse.
I jumped from a plane.
I was not comfortable with your illness.
I was a detective at the wedding.
I recognized the new way it would be with you in rehabilitation.
I saw how the sunset colors on the Navesink River got sad with the lone rower.
I lived on a lone planet with my befuddlement.
I'd lost a person.
I didn't know how to hold my lips.
I was like the goose bathing in parking lot puddles.
Definitely, I am on a train.


Lewis's most recent book is lie down too.

This is going to be a dull week to read my journal because it's a week of doctor's appointments for my kids -- orthodontist, dermatologist, ophthalmologist, and today it was the pediatrician so they could get all their forms filled out for college and high school sports. That event, in the early afternoon, pretty much wiped out the rest of the day for anything useful since everyone had to be showered and fed and functional, which meant Adam did not go to the track with his friends and Daniel had to be hauled out of bed before 11. Adam and I didn't even get to take proper photos of the praying mantis we found in front of the house because we were trying to get everyone moving. They did get plastic bugs as prizes from the doctor, heh.

Let's see, what else...I watched The Story of Snape and Prince William thanking Colin Firth, both of which made me smile a lot -- I suspect I am going to like HP7.2 the movie despite not much liking HP7.2 the book, since without exception I've preferred the films to the books. In that vein, we watched Prisoner of Azkaban this evening so we can get through all seven previous films before the last one this weekend. Now we are watching Jon Stewart and John Oliver dissect the News of the World scandal (Oliver: "Do you know how hard it is to disgrace a British tabloid? This is the paper that hired a detective to find out whether Freddie Mercury had HIV.") and listening to Stewart explain how ABC invented Casey Anthony as a media trial by funding her defense in exchange for her home movies. Here are some more photos of Washingtonian Lake:


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