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I had a lovely Sunday in Baltimore which has been marred only in the past hour when a massive thunderstorm blew through my county and took the power down for many customers. So I am typing this in the dark, hoping my laptop battery and my phone's mobile hotspot hold up till I'm finished. dementordelta came over late in the morning and we went to the Maryland Science Center for Backyard Science Days, where they had wildlife on display, make-your-own-cucumber-cars, various regional exhibits like growing mealworms, and the highlight, Bat Encounters with Rob Mies. We got to hold a boa constrictor, meet iguanas, and visit with Angus, an Asian fruit bat:

Then we went to the Geppi Museum to see a couple of exhibits on comic books and toys. The museum is on the grounds of Oriole Park at Camden Yards, and the Orioles had just done something very unusual for them this season -- they won! When we got home, we started to watch Yellow Submarine, because at the science center we also saw a laser show to Beatles music in the planetarium which was huge fun and made us want to watch more psychidelic John, Paul, George, and Ringo. I have more photos but can't finish cropping or uploading them till we have power, so more tomorrow.

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