The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Friday

We are keepers of the flame, Eshet lapidot.
Like Devorah, we make the wicks for
the Mishkan's eternal light
And kindle the fires of holy time.
Fire transmutes substance,
Grain into bread,
Clay into pot,
Cold into the warmth of the hearth.
With this flame we honor Shekinah,
Mother and Creator,
And we initiate this holy day.

Let us bless the source of life
that ripens fruit on the vine,
weaving new threads into
the tapestry of tradition.

The round loaf feeds the people we love.
Let us recount the women who baked bread
And from whom we learned our recipes.
Shekinah, like bread,
Is manna to our souls.
She feeds us the yeast
That helps us rise to this occasion.

Blessed are You who gives us the New Year,
A sign of beginning anew.
Blessed are You, as we start all over again.


No Friday Five this week, they're on vacation. fannish5 is on squicks today; too annoying for my mood, and my squicks are too inconsistent and mutable, anyway. But look, ashinae made me a new "a stiffy is a terrible thing to waste" icon! With Aragorn, who I'm sure coined the motto!

It's my older son's tenth birthday and Rosh Hashanah starts tonight. Have a happy day, everyone. I will be having dinner with my family, parents, husband's parents and old family friends; tomorrow we're going to late morning services and out for pancakes, as we do every new year with my parents.

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