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Poem for Thursday and Edwards Ferry

A Lane of Yellow Led the Eye
By Emily Dickinson

A lane of Yellow led the eye
Unto a Purple Wood
Whose soft inhabitants to be
Surpasses solitude
If Bird the silence contradict
Or flower presume to show
In that low summer of the West
Impossible to know --


Wednesday was another shopping day -- we needed to get Daniel a few more things for his dorm room and Adam a few more supplies for his art class. Adam's two good local friends who have been out of town for a few weeks -- one in Mexico, the other in Oklahoma -- also returned, and they all went to the pool together before son went to sleep over at one of their houses.

I had more laundry to do before son packs it and did some reading. Then after dinner (chicken parmesan, by Daniel's request -- tomorrow he wants Swedish meatballs, his other favorite thing Paul makes) we watched The Two Towers for the second night of our Rings-a-thon. Here are some more photos from the Monocacy Aqueduct and Edwards Ferry on Tuesday and a couple of memes:

And came home to scenes like this, plus a couple of very unhappy cats.

I am Red/Green
I am Red/Green
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I'm both instinctive and emotional. I value my own instincts and desires, and either ignore or crush anything that stands in my way; planning and foresight are unnecessary. At best, I'm determined and fierce; at worst, I'm headstrong and infantile.

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