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Poem for Saturday, The Practical Joker, Zoo

By Edith Sitwell

Amid this hot green glowing gloom
A word falls with a raindrop's boom...

Like baskets of ripe fruit in air
The bird-songs seem, suspended where

Those goldfinches—the ripe warm lights
Peck slyly at them—take quick flights.

My feet are feathered like a bird
Among the shadows scarcely heard;

I bring you branches green with dew
And fruits that you may crown anew

Your whirring waspish-gilded hair
Amid this cornucopia—

Until your warm lips bear the stains
And bird-blood leap within your veins.


I had a very nice Friday beginning with a visit from my friend Annmarie, whom I have known since younger son was a baby, as we were reminiscing over California Tortilla (we met because of Kathryn Janeway, one of many people in my life for whom I will always be grateful to Star Trek: Voyager). Annmarie just started watching Warehouse 13 because of Kate Mulgrew, so we watched the pilot, which I haven't seen since it aired though I now have it on DVD. I have always loved Myka, Pete, Artie, and Mrs. Frederick, but the writing has definitely improved a lot over these three seasons.

Speaking of Star Trek, I spent the time between Annmarie's departure and Adam's arrival home writing a review of the animated series episode "The Practical Joker". We had dinner with my parents, then came home for Torchwood, which is juggling so many things that I can't imagine how they're going to wrap it up next week (or maybe they're planning to cliffhang into another season, which would be all right with me if it means they won't kill off 9/10 of the characters as I fear they might). Here are a few more National Zoo photos from last week before Thursday's rainstorm:


thefridayfive: Dreams
1. Describe a recurring dream you have and what you think it means.
I dream of being on roller coasters quite often, sometimes with family members, often in a big glass sort of car where I can see out and it covers huge amounts of space -- neighborhoods, schools I went to. I imagine it's a metaphor for life.
2. What do you like to daydream about? World peace.
3. What's your scariest dream you can remember? When my kids were very young I dreamed that someone Paul worked with was watching them in the courtyard of a mall with big fountains while I ran to a store to get them some clothes. I was in a glass elevator and looking down in the courtyard when I saw Adam fall into the fountain; the guy who was supposed to be watching him wasn't paying attention, though Daniel was tugging on his sleeve trying to tell him. I screamed and screamed and banged on the glass but no one could hear me.
4. What would be a "dream come true" for you? Winning an all-expenses-paid year long trip around the world.
5. Best dream you've ever had: About 20 years ago I dreamed that I was a bodyguard to Kirk and Spock and I was watching them swimming naked in a lake.

fannish5: What 5 characters would you like to be stranded on a desert island with?
I suppose that depends on whether I want to be rescued from the island or stay there with them forever. I'm going to assume a few weeks of stranding then I'll want to be rescued, so I'm bringing all girls instead of Aragorn, Benton Fraser, James T. Kirk, etc.
1. Kira Nerys, Deep Space Nine
2. Jaime Summers, The Bionic Woman
3. Lois Lane, Smallville
4. Elizabeth Swann, Pirates of the Caribbean
5. Katniss Everdeen, The Hunger Games

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