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Poem for Monday and <lj comm

I'm A Fool To Love You
By Cornelius Eady

Some folks will tell you the blues is a woman,
Some type of supernatural creature.
My mother would tell you, if she could,
About her life with my father,
A strange and sometimes cruel gentleman.
She would tell you about the choices
A young black woman faces.
Is falling in with some man
A deal with the devil
In blue terms, the tongue we use
When we don't want nuance
To get in the way,
When we need to talk straight.
My mother chooses my father
After choosing a man
Who was, as we sing it,
Of no account.
This man made my father look good,
That's how bad it was.
He made my father seem like an island
In the middle of a stormy sea,
He made my father look like a rock.
And is the blues the moment you realize
You exist in a stacked deck,
You look in a mirror at your young face,
The face my sister carries,
And you know it's the only leverage
You've got.
Does this create a hurt that whispers
How you going to do?
Is the blues the moment
You shrug your shoulders
And agree, a girl without money
Is nothing, dust
To be pushed around by any old breeze.
Compared to this,
My father seems, briefly,
To be a fire escape.
This is the way the blues works
Its sorry wonders,
Makes trouble look like
A feather bed,
Makes the wrong man's kisses
A healing.


My internet connection is even wonkier than yesterday. I can't stay on AIM for more than about three minutes at a stretch. Sorry, if you want to talk to me; e-mail please!

How in hell can it be after 11, when I have just gotten through my Friends list and have done not a whit of work yet this morning?

trek100: Cost, for the "joy after betrayal" challenge. Kira/Odo, my absolute all-time-favorite canon Trek couple, maybe my favorite couple ever on television. Though I do still have a soft spot for smutty Winn/Dukat. I don't have to make a "Het: Feel the Power" icon or anything dorky like that, do I, considering that I've always written het and slash in roughly equal measure? Wow, my fic tastes reflect my real-life tastes. Fancy that.

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