The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Wednesday and Fall Color

By David Meltzer

Art's desire to get it all said
to all who thought him dead
in the joint & beside the point

Art's struggle to sing it all
through jazz warfare & tell
everything he knew in brass
speed rap stir crazy utopia
of muscle chops push it in your face
rough unrelenting grace

fierce Art pitbull clamps down
pulls edges out in time to break through
scream knotty beauty
toe to toe w/ any joe
who thinks they know better

Art tattoos blue needles into moonlight skin
junk light makes mirrors perfect

Art's smoke aches out of wounds

L.A. Art burritos & bebop
black guacamole serge zoots
Central Avenue cat copping

Pepper at Club Alabam
in Lee Young's band
all the chicks & the hatcheck chick
have big eyes for Art's horn


I am on my ninth day of having a headache from my eye thing (which doesn't hurt as much against my eye but still looks disgusting) and my phone decided to crash completely again, requiring ANOTHER full restore to factory settings so I can see my contacts and sync my calendar (I have been lectured by several people on Facebook about how this must be my fault by Android users who have either spent hours rooting their phones or only use the stuff that Verizon etc. put on them in the first place, and I fall somewhere in the middle -- I want to be able to configure things but I do not want to have to spend dozens of hours configuring from scratch, nor do I want to have to reconfigure my phone every effing month as I am doing now). So I am very cranky. The highlight of my day was seeing six deer and a bunny in the woods while I was walking slowly trying to reset my phone, which has once again taken all night. Here are some signs of fall from Great Falls the weekend before last:


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