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Poem for Monday and Countryside Artisans Tour

Pocket Vampire
By Dorothy Barresi

I reconcile myself to need.
To wanting stinging, aptest,
seigneurial, pugnacious,
handsome as always cracking wise in my
blood things, I think—by pulp
supply of roots or tearing teeth, and/or ardor
for what I vow against but carry
always like my secret self,
the bitten bride,
to rat-consecrated, moon-wharf glum's
glee in gotten-up peignoir
dripping not daisies but rotten, long-aborning
lickable black roses, the smaller
the better to hide my privacy in: it's
pretty good getting, that bite I flirt
but never stick my neck out for.
Yes, Your Woundship.
Would a quibble count? Just one lick?
Damn me. Then,
back into the bidden, unblessed
dark with you, my tiny prince
of dirty comity.
Sin simulacrum.


Sunday had magnificent weather, so after Adam was finished working at Hebrew school, we went with my mother on the Countryside Artisans Tour near Sugarloaf Mountain. We went first to Art of Fire, the glassblowing studio, where the main artisans were away at the Maryland Renaissance Festival but the cats were in full force. Then we went to Niswander Ceramics, which we'd never visited before, where there are wonderful whimsical things -- Holy Grails, Spock mugs, Yoda teapots, pumpkin and goblin decorations. From there we stopped at A Paca Fun Farm, where we got to pet crias and see alpaca wool capes and sweaters, and finally we went to Dancing Leaf Farm and Sugarloaf Studio to see the sheep, yarn, and paintings.

Me and a young alpaca at A Paca Fun Farm.

There were several crias with their mothers in the barn and the fields.

First we visited Art of Fire, the glass studio, where we watched students at work and admired the finished items.

Then we went to Niswander Ceramics, which has lots of Halloween and witchy items... awesome genre-themed item like this Yoda pot.

Susan Due Pearcy's art is on display (and for sale) at Sugarloaf Studio, so named because you can see the mountain from her backyard.

It can also be seen from Dancing Leaf Farm behind the sheep who provide the wool...

...for the hand-dyed yarn and roving available inside.

We got caught in traffic taking Daniel back to College Park after having pizza with my parents, so it's late and I must keep this short but we have just spent a lovely couple of hours watching first Boardwalk Empire, still one of the best-written shows, then Merlin, which I love more and more with each season -- the female characters have only gotten stronger, the boys are adorable together, and it's such a delightful mishmash of pop-Arthurian, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter that I can't resist it. The hotness of several knights doesn't hurt matters (and I assume that everyone who dies will come back as usual, heh).

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