The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Art of Fire

By Stuart Dischell

The governor will give
Homeless people sleeping bags,
Let them stay the night

On windswept porticos
Outside his buildings
Instead of your doorstep.

I am talking to myself
With empty rooms
I cannot bear to live in.


It rained all day Wednesday and stayed very dark outside, which made it hard to wake up in the morning and left me with a vague headache that didn't go away till evening when I broke down and took meds for it. I am not entirely sure what happened to the hours between 8 a.m. and noon; I know I did chores and stuff. My mother called in the afternoon to ask if I wanted to meet her at the mall, which I did, though we mostly just walked around and didn't buy anything. It was raining too hard to walk outside -- Adam (who had the practice PSAT today) went to track and was freezing once they stopped the hard runs after school.

Evening TV included Harry's Law, which was a fairly good episode about cyber-bullying (very David E. Kelley, insisting it's not fair to punish a 17-year-old with a negligent homicide charge for reiterating messages that are rampant in our culture) and both baseball games. I guess there is little point in hoping Detroit will come back, and I don't care so much who wins the Cardinals series! Here are some photos from Art of Fire from the weekend, including one of their cats whom I pet every year and get my hand bitten for my trouble:


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