The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Saturday and Autumn into Winter

In the Airport
By Eleni Sikélianòs

A man called Dad walks by
then another one does. Dad, you say
and he turns, forever turning, forever
being called. Dad, he turns, and looks
at you, bewildered, his face a moving
wreck of skin, a gravity-bound question
mark, a fruit ripped in two, an animal
that can't escape the field.


I got to spend quite a bit of Friday with Paul, though not for the best of reasons -- his eye has been bothering him and he had a late-morning doctor appointment, so he worked from home in the morning, then returned and worked from home in the afternoon after he had an infection diagnosed and a prescription. Hopefully this is it for ALL of us with eye infections for the foreseeable future! It sounds like we may have an enforced quiet day tomorrow due to snow (SNOW! NOOO!) so everyone can recover.

I posted my review of DS9's "A Man Alone", which I loved SO much more this time around, and got out to enjoy the gorgeous weather before we went to dinner with my parents (Adam having belatedly informed us again that he had plans with week we may make plans with our own friends, though he is home now and we watched Sanctuary together which should always end just the way this one did, heh). I actually preferred it to Nikita for a change. Congrats to the Cardinals, and here are some Brookside Gardens autumn photos:


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