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Poem for Saturday

By Alexander Pushkin

I love you-- though I rage at it,
Though it is shame and toil misguided,
And to my folly self-derided
Here at your feet I will admit!
It ill befits my years, my station,
Good sense has long been overdue!
And yet, by every indication,
Love's plague has stricken me anew:
You're out of sight-- I fall to yawning;
You're here-- I suffer and feel blue,
And barely keep myself from owning,
Dear elf, how much I care for you!
Why, when your guileless girlish chatter
Drifts from next door, your airy tread,
Your rustling dress, my senses scatter
And I completely lose my head.
You smile-- I flush with exaltation;
You turn away-- I'm plunged in gloom;
Your pallid hand is compensation
For a whole day of fancied doom.
When to the frame with artless motion
You bend to cross-stitch, all devotion,
Your eyes and ringlets down-beguiled,
My heart goes out in mute emotion
Rejoicing in you like a child!
Dare I confess to you my sighing,
How jealously I chafe and balk
When you set forth, at times defying
Bad weather, on a lengthy walk?
And then your solitary crying,
Those twosome whispers out of sight,
Your carriage to Opochka plying,
And the piano late at night...
Aline! I ask but to be pitied,
I do not dare to plead for love;
Love, for the sins I have committed,
I am perhaps not worthy of.
But make believe! Your gaze, dear elf,
Is fit to conjure with, believe me!
Ah, it is easy to deceive me!. . .
I long to be deceived myself!


Also vertigo66 provides these fine examples of Poetry By George W. Bush. Think that if we praise it, he will resign from the presidency to go write more? If he does, I promise to buy his book.

And ashinae introduced so many of us to the wonder of the Snapeybot. Go! Chat! Squeal!

Below gacked from perkypaduan. I laughed till I choked, considering that I have these very Legos sitting in front of my computer. Also, when I looked at the other possible results, I was rather relieved.

~~ You are lego!Draco Malfoy and lego!Harry Potter!~~

What happens when J. K. sells out and slashers cash
in: romance between two diminutive plastic
toys. Draco and Harry were always enemies, but
they soon realized that there was a lot of
sexual tension between them, whether they liked
it or not -- because they were posable, after
all. And they had a lot of fun with their
miniture plastic brooms one day. The positions
were endless.
What Disturbing Harry Potter Slash Ship Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

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