The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Thursday and Agecroft Hall

Each year
By Dora Malech

                I snap the twig to try to trap
the springing and I relearn the same lesson.
You cannot make a keepsake of this season.
Your heart's not the source of that sort of sap,
lacks what it takes to fuel, rejects the graft,
though for a moment it's your guilty fist
that's flowering. You're no good host to this
extremity that points now, broken, back at
the dirt as if to ask are we there yet.
You flatter this small turn tip of a larger
book of matches that can't refuse its end,
re-fuse itself, un-flare. Sure. Now forget
again. Here's a new green vein, another
clutch to take, give, a handful of seconds.


I spent literally the entire day working on holiday cards and our 2012 Calendar (which required updating a whole bunch of family photos for people's birthdays). Holiday cards for family feature a photo of myself, Paul, Daniel, and Adam at Ellis Island from last January, lovely snowy theme plus Statue of Liberty; calendar features Outer Banks trip, high school graduation, painting with penguins, cherry blossoms, and various other events from 2011. I feel accomplished but also like I've been sitting on my butt all day, mostly because I have.

In other news, October Project is releasing an EP of unplugged versions of songs from their upcoming album for which I have been waiting for nearly a decade, WETA says The Hobbit is coming out a year from today, and a baby kiwi hatched at the National Zoo on my birthday. This is all good news. We had St. Lucia's Day dinner tonight since the bread machine suffered from human error on St. Lucia's Day -- meatless meatballs, lingonberries, yum -- and chocolate pistachio torte that Paul made me for my birthday. He also made me a perfectly wonderful King's Speech birthday card that I will post tomorrow when I have the scans uploaded. Tonight, Yuletide at Agecroft Hall:


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