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Poem for Tuesday, Kiparoo Farm, Kids

Is is
By Srikanth Reddy

Is is.
There is no distinction between ideology and image.
He records his name on a gold medallion.
The philosopher must say is.
The world is legion.
The self is a suffering form.
Is is.
Waves rise and fall, but the sea remains.


My Monday was entirely taken up with holiday cards and my kids. I spent the entire morning writing notes, licking envelopes, stamping, return address labeling, sorting by country, and getting the cards ready to be mailed Tuesday morning. In the afternoon I took Adam and his girlfriend to the mall so they could get Secret Santa gifts at Hot Topic and Bath & Body Works (which conveniently allowed me to get to the B&BW eight-hour sale and get my free Wallflowers).

Adam's girlfriend stayed for dinner and came with us to College Park to pick up Daniel, who had his last final this afternoon and whose roommate had already gone home for winter break. It took all of us to carry his computers, TV, laundry and all the rest, but now he is here and we are watching Thor together. Here are photos from Kiparoo Farm during the Frederick Museums by Candlelight open house:


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