The Little Review (littlereview) wrote,
The Little Review

Poem for Monday and Christmas Sunset

Cast upon the ground
By Taeko Takaori
Translated By Yuki Sawa

Cast upon the ground
the shadow of my own self
is being walked through
while my back is carrying
the brightness of the moon.

Because the songbird
pauses while flying there is
a ceaseless swaying
of the willow's sheer branches
and a fall of loosened snow.

Now at evening
light accumulates around
a standing crane
and it is only there shining
continues without darkening.


We spent Christmas day in Hanover with my in-laws and my parents. It was a quiet day with an obscene amount of food: bagels, pastries and marzipan stollen for breakfast, then Swedish meatballs, tofurkey, potatoes, cheese, fruit, bread, and many other sides for mid-afternoon dinner, plus a dozen varieties of homemade cookies, candies and other sweets. The sunset as we drove home was spectacular.


Adam was so stuffed that he went to bed just after we got home, as soon as he'd walked the dogs. Since then, Paul, Daniel and I have been watching second season Deep Space Nine episodes -- "The Alternate," "The Maquis," "Crossover" -- all of which are so good that I want to watch the episodes I thought were not so great and see whether they hold up as well. I am not looking forward to Doctor Who's Christmas episode as much!

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