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I posted the entirety of Martin Luther King, Jr.'s I Have a Dream speech in 2004, if you're looking for a link to it.

I had a glorious Sunday in Ellicott City with my family, Paul's parents, and dementordelta, visiting the B&O Railroad museum there, the Forget-Me-Not Factory and a couple of other stores, and having dinner at The Rumor Mill with a first cousin of Paul's father (Delta and I split baked brie with fig balsamic compote and tofu tempura).

Then we came home and watched the Golden Globe Awards; I had few strong feelings about who should win, since I've seen almost none of the film nominees and few of the TV shows and was mostly there for the celebrity parade (because Colin Firth always looks good in a tuxedo and should have tried harder to kick Ricky Gervais).

A couple of photos -- will write about my day in more detail later, since we are now watching highlights of Daniel Radcliffe's SNL appearance on YouTube since I missed it live, being a flake, and since tomorrow we are going out for Indian food and possibly to see one of the movies that won an award tonight!

At The Rumor Mill, an Asian fusion restaurant, here are myself, husband, son, penguin, in-laws, and a cousin.

Myself and Delta at the B&O Railroad Museum...
...the Ellicott City branch of the one in Baltimore.

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