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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
It Is the Rainy SeasonCollapse )

I had a nice Wednesday when I was not caught in a massive thunderstorm, which was a big part of the afternoon! I met Kay for lunch at Tara Thai (after traffic jams and various other problems), then I walked to Charming Charlie, which is going out of business, to see whether there were any amazing bargains (there's pretty much only fixtures and bridal shower stuff left). And then the sky opened up. I had no umbrella, so I was completely drenched by the time I got back to my car.

I spent the afternoon keeping dry and working on projects until Wednesday raid hour, when I went to get some Rayquazas. Then I put laundry away, we had dinner, and we watched Empire State, which isn't a particularly good movie but it has Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth, a good soundtrack, and no deaths of anyone I cared about, which is all I need from a non-comedy heist movie. Here are some of the butterflies from Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden's Butterflies Live exhibit:

ButterfliesCollapse )
Wednesday, 7th August 2019 12:38 am - Poem for Wednesday, VMFA Micromosaics, Season Finales
Someone Leans NearCollapse )

Not an eventful Tuesday here. Having ignored all the terrible news as best as I could over the weekend while I was out of town, I clicked through to Toni Morrison obituaries (which were depressing enough) and came across all the depressing, enraging stupidity surrounding the shootings and it was just so disheartening. Paul had a midday doctor appointment and came home early to finish work here, after which we went to Giant together.

We got home just as huge evening thunderstorms hit, which made two of our cats hide down the basement. We watched the season finales of The 100 (good episode but I am so ambivalent about a seventh season with no Kane or Abby) and Blood and Treasure (the whole season has been goofy but fun and this was no exception). From the VMFA exhibit A Return to the Grand Tour, micromosaic jewelry souvenirs designed for European travelers:

2019-08-04 13.15.53
MicromosaicsCollapse )
Tuesday, 6th August 2019 12:36 am - Poem for Tuesday and Lewis Ginter LEGOs
I Am Not What You ThinkCollapse )

I had a fairly quiet early Monday -- writing stuff, trip laundry, cat laundry, kitchen cleanup -- then in the late afternoon I took a walk, then a shower, then Paul and I went to meet friends from my local Pokemon raiding group for dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, where the wife of one of the players and two others with whom I'm friendly (one of whom is a writer and editor whom I've known for years because of Star Trek) has planned a surprise birthday party.

I ate way too much, since we were all encouraged to have cheesecake, but it was very fun to see everyone not at a raid. When we got home we watched the end of the Orioles game (boooo) and the start of the Nationals game (yay, I think). I have nothing to say about the news better than the people swearing in rage. From Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, some of the half-million bricks from the Nature Connects: Art with LEGO Bricks display by artist Sean Kenney:

Garden ToysCollapse )
Monday, 5th August 2019 12:11 am - Greetings from Home
Back from Richmond, where we had a lovely day with Cheryl and Lin, first at the VMFA, where we saw the quite dark Awaken: A Tibetan Buddhist Journey Toward Enlightenment, the impressive Cosmologies from the Tree of Life: Art from the African American South, the charming A Return to the Grand Tour: Micromosaic Jewels from the Collection of Elizabeth Locke, and the interesting Transatlantic Currents: American Art from the Collection of Jane Joel Knox, then at Mexico for lunch. Afterwards we went with Cheryl to Deep Run Park, where we saw turtles, frogs, fish, and lots of dragonflies before we headed home to our cats, laundry, and The Loudest Voice. A few photos:

2019-08-04 12.57.13
Museum and ParkCollapse )
Sunday, 4th August 2019 12:21 am - Greetings from Richmond
Another quickie, we're in Richmond at Cheryl's after seeing Matilda at the outdoor theater at Dogwood Dell, which was delightful. Earlier we went out for Indian food and went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden, which has a giant outdoor Lego exhibit and still has butterflies in the conservatories and now has a publicly open community vegetable garden with bee hives. Two pics, more soon:

2019-08-03 15.24.52
Garden and TheaterCollapse )
Saturday, 3rd August 2019 12:40 am - Greetings from New Asgard
Quickie, been spending the evening at the Vudu Viewing Party for Avengers: Endgame, which Marvel was very silly to schedule against the season finale of Agents of SHIELD, which we watched when we got back here from dinner with my parents. I had a pretty good Friday: picked up my new glasses, which I'm still getting used to but I like the sunglasses clip, then went to Michael's (which has shoe charms and bling charms but no book charms) and Bed, Bath & Beyond (which is overcharging for mattress covers so much I am going to get one from Amazon) before stopping for lebneh at Lebanese Taverna in its new spot in Congressional. On the way home I stopped to do a couple of Rayquaza raids and caught two shiny ones! Plus we watched an old episode of American Masters about Hal Prince, so I got to see some Evita and lots of Sondheim. There are just a couple of goofy pics I took to tweet for the viewing party online and one of Effie being possessive of my purse:

2019-08-02 21.14.24
Made for TwitterCollapse )
Friday, 2nd August 2019 12:38 am - Poem for Friday and Walter Reed Medical Center
The Wound DresserCollapse )

I spent most of the day with a friend who had an appointment for a MRI at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, and since she's as claustrophobic as I am but couldn't have an open MRI, I told her I'd drive her so she could relax. We had lunch at the mall at Mirch Masala and stopped in stores -- we may have tried on too many perfumes at Sephora -- then I got a brief walking tour of the hospital, which I have never been able to enter before, though it's right across from NIH.

I did some reading and played some Pokemon while she was with doctors -- lots of people in uniform were purifying Team Rocket Dratini with me then she came back here for dinner (Paul made barley stew for Lughnasadh), so I had a nice day with her though I'm sure she wishes we'd spent more of it doing something else! We watched Elementary after she went home and I am worried how they're going to wrap up the series. Here are a few photos from the public areas of Walter Reed:

2019-08-01 16.43.42
Naval MedicalCollapse )
HabitCollapse )

There was a bunch of shopping I wanted to get done on Wednesday, but I kept putting them off waiting for the thunderstorms for which I kept getting warnings to pass. (They never arrived.) So instead I got some work done around here and returned some phone calls and didn't get out of the house till almost dinnertime, when I was invited to an EX raid by a friend from GroupMe which was conveniently at the Starbucks next to California Tortilla, where we had talked about going to dinner because they were giving out free queso to people who knew the secret password (we had an argument about whether it was per order or per person). And Baskin Robbins is right there as well with discount cones because it was the 31st!

When we got home, we watched The Red Sea Diving Resort, worth seeing for anyone who doesn't know about the Israelis who helped rescue Ethiopian Jews. The historical timeline is compressed badly and the main Ethiopians are shown as largely passive, while the Sudanese leaders are monsters, so there's a nasty White Savior narrative going in which even Reagan CIA operatives get more credit than Ethiopian Jewish leaders. It has some moving scenes, some humor, and Evans both looks and performs very well (shirtless! side nudity! 1970s chest hair!) so I enjoyed parts of it despite the screenplay problems. Here are some more happy rescued farm animals at Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary from last weekend:

2019-07-27 15.29.59
Happy on the FarmCollapse )
Wednesday, 31st July 2019 12:40 am - Poem for Wednesday and Japanese Animals in Art
Cat TankaCollapse )

My Tuesday was not more eventful than my Monday: more chores, an article on a Star Trek topic I'd not written about in a long time, bills paid, a bit of blah shopping. Plus I literally lost my marbles -- I'd had a bag of marbles saved for a project and the bag is gone, I've looked everywhere. I had no stomach for two nights of zillion-candidate Democratic debates.

Instead we watched the penultimate episode of The 100 this season, which made me sad, and Blood & Treasure, which is fun fluff. From the National Gallery of Art's Life of Animals in Japanese Art exhibit, zodiac animals, Inari foxes, raccoon dogs, an elephant by an artist who had never seen a live one, and traditional and contemporary penguin kimono:

2019-07-28 14.10.15
Gallery AnimalsCollapse )
Tuesday, 30th July 2019 01:16 am - Poem for Tuesday and Poplar Spring Animals
AbsenceCollapse )

I did not have an exciting Monday, though I managed to fix the broken drawer in Adam's bedroom dresser (it will probably even hold together as long as nothing heavier than a couple of handkerchiefs get put in it instead of the 15 heavy textbooks son had in there) and I got laundry and vacuuming done. It is upsetting to have to worry about having a kid in San Francisco at risk not even from drug crime in the city but from neo-Nazis at food festivals.

Around baseball (Nationals went up early, Orioles are losing late on the west coast), we watched the last two episodes of the season of Burden of Truth, which I am glad is coming back -- the twists in the courtroom stretched credulity even taking into account that I don't know the finer points of the Canadian court system, but I like all the women and hope they keep up the First Nations storylines. Some animals and folk singers from Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary:

2019-07-27 15.22.23
Rescue FarmCollapse )
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