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The Little Review
Making No Compromises With the Public Taste
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Saturday, 3rd November 2018 12:15 am - Poem for Saturday and Canal Autumn
Autumn RainCollapse )

Paul worked from home on Friday so I could use the car, though I ended up not needing it because I spent a lot of the day fighting with photos on my computer and only went out to walk to a Shinx raid in the neighborhood. We had nice warm weather in the morning that slowly got cooler and wetter as the day went on, until by the time we left to meet my parents for dinner at California Pizza Kitchen, it was raining quite hard, and now it's dropped nearly 20 degrees and there's a tornado warning one county over.

We got home in time to watch this week's Blindspot, which has been quite enjoyable this year character-wise though I think the government is even more full of corrupt agencies on that show than in real life and not always believably (testing bio-weapons on FBI agents at an FBI facility, really?). Then we caught up on this week's Legends of Tomorrow, with my favorite Disneyfied fairy godmother of all time, plus piggies. From the C&O Canal by Riley's Lock last weekend, some wildlife and turning leaves:

Riley's LockCollapse )
Friday, 2nd November 2018 01:08 am - Poem for Friday and Post-Halloween Flat Tire
Since Hanna Moved AwayCollapse )

It was over 70 degrees on the first day of November, and I was having a lovely afternoon, having stopped by a local jewelry store that's closed permanently as of this evening after being around nearly all my life, and having bought the last sesame seed bagel at Goldberg's, when I went to the park to take a walk and took a swing in front of the stadium to do a Pokemon raid...where I grazed the curb where it sticks out around the sewer and got a flat tire. Arrgh! AAA came and put the spare on so I could drive the van to get it replaced.

Because of that interruption, I did not get a bunch of things done that I intended to do, though any day one scores Alex & Ani copper from the Statue of Liberty for under $10 must be accounted a good day anyway. We had a rushed dinner because Paul had to come rescue me since we only have one vehicle at the moment, then we watched the hilarious 49ers-Raiders game (well, hilarious in its score; I haven't seen anything as awful as Raheem Mostert breaking his arm on the field since the last rerun of Theismann's leg breaking). A few more Halloween pics:

2018-10-31 18.19.06
Halloween ReduxCollapse )
Thursday, 1st November 2018 12:32 am - Poem for Thursday and Celebrating Halloween
To a SkullCollapse )

Cheryl came over for Halloween! We went to the mall to get Mirch Masala and stop at Claire's sale on Halloween items (lots of mermaid and unicorn things on sale, plus bat and witch earrings and spiderweb capes). Then we came back here and watched Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again, which I enjoyed more than I thought I would -- the Enraging Thing did enrage me, and in general I felt that the movie was obsessed with youth or recapturing youth -- it's ridiculous that Sam has photos of young Donna all over the place when he really fell in love with her as older Donna, he only knew her for one week as young Donna FFS, and the timeline of the first film in the diary is shot all to hell, but I forgive a lot because of Harry and Bill's Titanic moment and Cher owns the movie from the moment she appears.

When Paul got home, we went to the neighborhood party, which gets a little weirder every year because we know fewer people who attend; many neighbors stop putting in appearances when their own kids are too old for the party, though there are a few who turn up without their kids like us, and death and divorce has changed some of the longtime households, though there are also lots of new families with young kids. We got maybe 60-70 trick or treaters, though we're pretty sure some of the older kids hit our house twice (Milk Duds were insanely popular this year and we have leftover peanut butter cups, which is quite rare). After Cheryl went home, Paul put on It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, which we watched around coverage of the Terrapins finally having fired their coach to save the football team.

2018-10-31 18.38.36
Halloween NightCollapse )
Wednesday, 31st October 2018 12:52 am - Poem for Wednesday and Pre-Halloween
Searching For Poe's Grave on Halloween, Baltimore, MDCollapse )

I was out pretty much all day on Tuesday -- stopped in Target before lunch with Kay at Tara Thai (belatedly for her birthday, it's been that kind of month), then a bit of a walk around Washingtonian Lake followed by stops in Charming Charlie (liquidating Halloween jewelry), Pier 1 (liquidating summer merchandise), and Kohl's (six shirts for $17 on clearance rack, the most expensive one was under $6). Then Paul and I ran out to Giant before dinner to make sure we had all our Halloween stuff.

Cats now have heated throws on the couch, so I had lots of company watching this week's The Flash (not very believable family dynamics) and Black Lightning (fantastic as always, especially the family dynamics though also the social issues), followed by the Supergirl we missed (really enjoying this season though the politics are sometimes a bit too close to reality for my blood pressure to appreciate). In honor of Halloween, a collection of things seen shopping and around the neighborhood this fall:

2018-10-07 19.52.47
Before HalloweenCollapse )
Tuesday, 30th October 2018 12:40 am - Poem for Tuesday and Homestead Farm
Where We AreCollapse )

It was raining Monday morning, but stopped before noon and turned into a not-too-cold, somewhat windy day. I mostly did unexciting work things, though I got out for Giratina and Shinx raids and I finally, finally got my gold gym battle badge (I don't really like fighting or throwing people out of gyms). I ran into a neighbor with whom I had a long conversation, and I got 1/3 of a laundry done, and had cold cats plant themselves in my lap.

We caught up on Sunday night's Doctor Who, which I enjoyed a lot ("I call people 'Dude' now" is a very Eleven line though she said it the way I think Ten would have, and I loved seeing a Trump surrogate repeatedly put in his place by more competent women, though the weekly story didn't really feel like it got wrapped up). And I loved the Wicked special! Here are some of Homestead Farm's animals and fruit from our visit on Sunday:

Fall at the FarmCollapse )
Pleasant SoundsCollapse )

We did a lot this cool Sunday since the rain held off until evening. After a quiet morning reading the paper (much easier than watching the news on TV this horrible weekend) while the Eagles played the Jaguars in London, we went to Riley's Lock to walk by the Potomac River. Unfortunately we forgot that meant seeing Trump National Golf Club across the water, so I didn't look hard for herons.

We stopped at Homestead Farm thinking we'd pick apples as well as pumpkins, but the apple trees were nearly bare, so instead we visited the animals before buying a pumpkin. Then we picked up my parents and went to College Park to pick up Adam and his girlfriend for dinner at Noodles & Co. and dessert at Cold Stone Creamery. He is flying to the west coast again tomorrow for another interview!

The Red Sox have won the World Series! Which I say with some relief, for, although I was rooting for them in honor of my in-laws who care a heck of a lot more than I do (Uncle Mickey and my cousins, longtime L.A. residents, are Dodgers fans), I am pleased to have the TV back to watch things other than sports every night of the week. And I can get to sleep at more reasonable hours. More pics soon:

Autumn SundayCollapse )
Sunday, 28th October 2018 12:40 am - Poem for Sunday and Great Falls Autumn
How To Play Night BaseballCollapse )

We just watched the Red Sox beat the Dodgers, but I can barely see straight because after I posted last night, I was up till 2:30 a.m. watching the previous World Series game...and it's a good thing I went to bed when I did, because the game went for another hour! 18 innings, so it was the equivalent of two normal games! And I woke up to news of the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh, so it was a stressful morning.

It rained until mid-afternoon, so we stayed in doing chores until then. We went to Great Falls, which was nearly deserted and beautiful with early fall color since the leaves are turning so late and there were lots of downed trees in the river from the rain. Plus we stopped at the co-op for crusty bread and cheese to have with our chick'n with herbes de Provence from the tea farm on the Countryside Artisans tour.

Autumn at Great FallsCollapse )
Saturday, 27th October 2018 12:32 am - Poem for Saturday, A Star Is Born, Beach Shops
DelmarvaCollapse )

Rain moved in on Friday morning but I missed its start because I was at the movies with my neighbor Rose, seeing A Star Is Born, which has great performances and chemistry from Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper, very enjoyable music, and a strong first-hour screenplay that I didn't love in the second hour, since it crossed the line from moving to manipulative for me by not making Ally's manager a real human being and following the cliches of the previous incarnations a little too closely (this is a modern-era movie, so I'd expect slightly more modern attitudes about alcoholism and mental illness). Still, well worth seeing.

Since I was in the mall, I did a bit of shopping -- Sears is still not having a great going-out-of-business sale -- then came home to do all the things I put off while going to the movies so early. We had dinner with my parents (Thai food, yay), then we came home in time to see Blindspot (getting a clue, Kurt, yay), and now we are in extra innings with the Red Sox and Dodgers. Because I'm missing the Atlantic Ocean and Delmarva in this fall weather, here are some photos from shopping in Rehoboth Beach and Fenwick Island:

2018-08-22 16.08.52
Rehoboth and FenwickCollapse )
Friday, 26th October 2018 12:21 am - Poem for Friday and Postal Museum Flowers
Tall NettlesCollapse )

Thursday had gorgeous weather, and since it's supposed to rain Saturday and ruin our weekend plans to enjoy outdoor autumn gardens, I went to the park for over an hour after breakfast and laundry. It was lovely -- I ran into several friends and met some people at a Giratina raid -- then I came home for lunch and some work and reminding cats not to sleep on the vents all day.

I made Paul a desk calendar for 2019 while watching the not-very-exciting Miami-Houston game, which the Dolphins were losing by a lot when I switched over to Colbert, whom I am now cheating on with Fallon because he has Tiffany Haddish on. Some multi-seasonal color from the National Postal Museum's Beautiful Blooms: Flowering Plants on Stamps exhibit:

Postal BloomsCollapse )
Thursday, 25th October 2018 12:38 am - Poem for Thursday and Lazy Cats
She Sights a BirdCollapse )

Did a bunch of chores, took advantage of a couple of sales, then Paul came home early and we went to the viewing for the father of a friend of ours, who had been ill for a long time but was only in his early 60s, so it was a very sad event.

Then we came home, had a late dinner, and watched the World Series while taking advantage of Shutterfly's one-day sale on a bunch of photo gifts. Because it's all I have energy for at the moment, some photos of my cats enjoying the heat coming on:

2018-09-20 00.56.33
Winter Is ComingCollapse )
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