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The Little Review

Making No Compromises With the Public Taste

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11 December 1966
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Writer, mother, reader, traveler, teacher, photographer, activist, friend, student, critic, enthusiast.

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age of aquarius, age of sail, alan rickman, amelia earhart, american dreams, anjelica huston, aquariums, arthurian legend, aubrey/maturin, baseball movies, beaches, bill of rights, boardwalks, book of shadows, boston legal, camelot, cats, celtic art, chalice well, chesapeake bay, chocolate, crusades, dante gabriel rossetti, dawson's creek, deep space nine, democrats, devil's tower, digital photography, disco, doctor who, dream analysis, environmental protection, epic poetry, ethnomusicology, evita, feminist mothers, feminist utopias, folk music, frederick church, gay marriage, gerbils, glastonbury, gloriana, goddess art, grateful dead, hamlet, harry potter, hercules, heroes, highlander, himalayas, hippie jesus, holy grail, horatio hornblower, hudson river school, impressionist painters, jason isaacs, jewish renewal, jewitchery, john cassavetes, john william waterhouse, kabbalah, kathryn janeway, kira nerys, kwan-yin, la femme nikita, lee remick, les liaisons dangereuses, libraries, living history, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, louise fletcher, lucifer, madonna, mary magdalene, master and commander, merlin, metaphysical poets, modernism, monty python, morrigan, mountaineering, musical theater, national parks, nature photography, nautical art, occult, octavia butler, october project, organic food, outer banks, painted desert, paradise lost, patrick o'brian, paul simon, pendragon, peter paul and mary, pirates of the caribbean, playing cards, pre-raphaelite art, pro-choice, pushing daisies, renaissance faires, reproductive rights, romantic poets, rome, runes, russell crowe, sacred spaces, sean bean, severus snape, sharon olds, sharpe, shekinah, smallville, space 1999, squirrels, star trek, stonehenge, susan cooper, susan seddon boulet, tall ships, tarot art, tennyson, the king's speech, the little review, the love boat, the mists of avalon, the tudors, the west wing, thomas cole, thursday next, tie-dye, tikkun olam, tofog, tom stoppard, torchwood, torvill and dean, utopian fiction, viggo mortensen, voyager, walt whitman, warrior princesses, wicca, wildlife, william shakespeare, woody allen, xena, yellowstone

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